1:1 Career Coaching


Resume Refresh

Not sure if your resume is "it?" About to start applying? Need a fresh set of experienced eyes on your resume? During this 30 minute session, you'll be coached on how to practically make your resume: memorable, meaningful and motivational!

We’ll make sure you have:

  1. All the major components of a memorable resume

  2. Those keywords/phrases everyone keeps talking about

  3. Confidence that this resume “speaks”

INterview coaching

Have an interview coming up? Need to dust off your interview communication skills? The ToluCoaches team has got you covered to make your best impression! We will:

1. Identify the best interview strategy for the job your're applying for.
2. Conduct a mock interview (audio & video recording, if possible).
3. Give you just in time feedback on the mock interview and coaching on how to improve.



Networking Coaching

Is it difficult for you to network? Not a big fan of events? Don't have the networking contacts you want? In this coaching session you'll identify:

  1. A networking goal,

  2. Networking options that fit your personality and a

  3. Practical 30 day networking plan

You can do this - you just need a little coaching!