Coach In-Residence for Your Company

Employee loyalty has significantly reduced, and year after year, engagement numbers continuously decline. Employee engagement continues to be a number one source of contention for executives and managers in motivating teams and improving productivity.

Organizations have to find innovative ways to entice, attract and retain a loyal workforce. Millennial leaders are on the rise, and these generations of leaders are driven by factors that include more than a paycheck and insurance coverage. Hiring managers and Human Resource leaders will benefit by finding creative selling points to increase a loyal workforce beyond pay. The answer is coaching.

A leadership coach will set your company apart.

Providing an on-demand coaching solution to employees provides an unparalleled advantage to guiding leaders - thereby enhancing the productivity of the individual and the company.

1:1 Coaching

  • Bi-Weekly or Monthly Sessions

  • Leadership Development

  • Personal Support

  • Acceleration of Growth


Team Coaching

  • Deadline Driven Projects

  • Conflict Resolution Coaching

  • Project Based Coaching

  • Strengths Based Delegation


Culture Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Transition Coaching

  • On-boarding/Off-boarding

  • Company Goal Accomplishment

A coach is an individual who unearths desires and helps others accomplish goals. Not to be confused with therapy, coaching is a partnership built on purpose and trust for the acceleration of growth and accomplishment of goals. 


It is widely known that coaching provides a significant growth in development for leaders. Often reserved to the executive level, a coach who is accessible and available to employees will be dedicated and committed to serving the millennial leader in growth and development as well as older workers in developing new perspectives. The Leadership Coach will provide timely and relevant insights into organizational ailments with opportunities to mitigate damaging behaviors. In order for this to successfully work, this approach must be employee-focused rather than employer-focused.

How is it done?

It's a simple process really: goal-setting, exploration, creating options, making decisions and executing strategy.

However, the magic happens when you mix 1:1 coaching with team coaching. There's nothing better than personal growth and team development happening simultaneously. Talk about culture shift! We'll walk your team through a 4 step process identifying core values, strengths, roles and current conflict. Then we'll systematically answer important coaching questions for any organization and have your team own the answers. Coaching just works. It puts your team in a position of ownership and execution. Exactly where you'd want them to be. 

We'll go over the details in your complimentary consult.

Do the math...

How much does it cost your company to train new employees? What about the time and money spent to interview, conduct background checks and shadow? How much affect does turnover have on your current team and leadership? How much relational equity and camaraderie is lost when an "A" player leaves and a less competent person comes on? What is the "new" leadership gap costing you? 

OUr Partners

Interested in external coaching? We offer that too!