Company Culture Intensives

Are you a start-up business owner looking to gather a team of A players? Has there been a dip in revenue? Does your team lack the tools needed to be successful in communication? If approached by a stranger, could your employees accurately articulate how you define success? Which team member do you point to as an ideal team player? I answer the unanswered questions. My team and I will draw out the core values of who you are and create a standard for employee success so you can win.


FOundations INtensive 

Why do we exist? What do we do? How will we succeed? How do we behave? These are all questions that most employees or team members cannot answer with clarity. Your team will thrive when common goals and shared language are clear and can be articulated well. We utilize strategic assessments to identify and develop personality types and strengths that serve company vision and culture.

You need this if: 

  • You need to re-establish company culture across your organization

  • You need to establish non-negotiables or define your ideal client

  • There has been significant turnover in leadership

  • A merge or acquisition has taken place

  • You have no idea what your company culture is

  • You're unsure if each team member is functioning in the appropriate role

WHat's included:


  • Four 3 hour focused coaching sessions with executive/management teams

  • Two 90 minute key leader "Clarity & Breakthrough" sessions

  • One 60 minute follow up session


  • One 2 hour Ideal Team Player crash course

  • One 2 hour StrengthsFinder workshop

  • One 2 hour Myers-Briggs Personality workshop

Ideal Team Intensive 

If asked, would your employees know whom you imagine as an ideal team player? What would a "Dream Team" look like for you? Many think they are operating at capacity, when in fact they are not. The ideal team package focuses on maximizing the potential of each team to achieve optimal results. You will see increased proficiency, efficiency and skill. Soft skills like public speaking, emotional intelligence, humility and client interactions will be highlighted.

You need this if:

  • You're unsure each team member is functioning in the appropriate role

  • There has been a dip in productivity or efficiency

  • Conflict has been a consistent reality

  • Communication across departments needs help

  • Your work atmosphere has unique challenges and has become unenjoyable

what's included:


  • Two 2 hour executive/management "Team Definition" coaching sessions

  • One 60 minute follow up session


  • Two 2 hour Ideal Team Player crash courses

  • Two 2 hour StrengthsFinder workshops

  • One 2 hour Myers-Briggs Personality workshop

what's always included

  • Priority email support for the duration of your coaching

  • Half off on 1:1 Breakthrough sessions

  • Flexible with payment plans, dates and coaching focus


Crash courses

Emotional Intelligence

We all know that there are people who just don't realize how they are being perceived and how it affects those around them. Emotional intelligence or people smarts can be learned. Through a series of presentations and workshops, team members can learn to hone their skills in emotional intelligence and make them enjoyable habits.

What's included:

  • Two 90 minute crash courses on emotional intelligence

Myers-Briggs Personality Types

ENFP, ISFJ, ESTJ, INTP. These are all personality types that shape the way we think and behave, recharge and process, work and play. Our personality type is usually how we're initially judged and measured. This workshop is for those looking to gain understanding into how they and others around them tick. An understanding into someone's personality is a clear road to efficiency in communication, conflict resolution and enjoyment of environment.

What's included:

  • Two 90 minute workshops on Myers-Briggs personality types


The StrengthsFinder assessment helps identify areas where you have the greatest potential for building strength. It measures your reoccurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior. Knowing this information is a starting point to live out of your strengths daily, to understand how those you work with function, and how you can eliminate possible unnecessary stress from your relationships and increase fulfilling productivity. 

What's included:

  • Two 90 minute workshops on StrengthsFinder


*Let us create a training and/or coaching package that works for you. We provide additional crash courses in emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and public speaking.