Planning for Success

Do you want to live the life YOU want, with less stress? Curious as to how to do that?


Planning your life, the literal booking of time on your calendar, is the answer. The opposite is also true, as Winston Churchill says, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” When you plan your time, you are literally making choices in advance, and therefore not allowing others to dictate what you do with it. That is a powerful thing!


 Here are some tips to help you be a successful planner, and with less stress:

  1. Don’t try to keep your schedule in your head! Free up that mental real-estate for more important things like being creative for your business or finding solutions for your family.

  2. Find a system and stick with it. It could be a paper planner* or your smart phone. Whatever you choose, make it your go-to, like your life depended on it.

  3. Plan MARGIN. This is a key to successful planning! For example, if you think a task will take 15 minutes, leave 10-15 minutes unscheduled right after that task. It will help you stay calmer throughout your day instead of rushing around (which usually causes stress and anxiety).

  4. Plan time for planning.

  5. Schedule your day according to your priorities, but also make time for things you want to do, not just things you have to do. This will help you stay motivated to complete those must-do items.


At the end of the day, it is all about you living your life by design, and planning it on the calendar IS designing your life. With that in mind,

  • What are your daily priorities?

  • What is important to plan in advance – weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly?

  • What system will you use – paper or digital?

  • What small, seemingly unimportant things do you need to put on your schedule that trip you up? (i.e.: shower time, food prep time, etc.)

Time is your greatest resource. Are you using it wisely?

Guest blog written by Liz Robertson .


Liz Robertson is the Lead Coach at Liz Rose Coaching, LLC, coaching people who need to find direction and purpose in life, or who want to grow their small business. Email to book a free strategy session today!