Team of Coaches

Tolu akande

Your success is my passion.

I am the owner and lead life and corporate coach at ToluCoaches, a Metro Atlanta coaching company designed to serve individuals and organizations who want to do what they say they would do. I myself am in transition,  newly married to my beautiful wife Amanda and learning the joys of parenting our newborn, Asaph. Hailing from Chicago, I bring a unique experience as a Nigerian-American to coaching. 

Professionally, I have served on many management and executive teams with a focus on training, development and conflict resolution. Over the last two years, I experienced the transition of being promoted to an executive position and then to an in-house leadership coach for the same company. This transition has led to a handful of unique experiences that help me to help those in transition, needing career coaching and breakthrough in life. 

I love critical thinking that leads to effective action. You will thrive when I use my natural intuition and training to coach, assist in creating solutions and foster creativity .

Experience first hand my effective coaching and training in emotional intelligence, team dynamics and creating ideal team players.

Monika Miko 

I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Finder Coach with a passion to facilitate the best in you to achieve the optimum results in your career and your relationships. 

As a former successful business owner and traveler of 25 countries, I bring a unique perspective to Strengths Finders. Two decades of emotional intelligence training and years of lay counseling equip me to effectively communicate life-changing insights. I have navigated through several major life transitions which include living in three countries and holding three different vocations. I have experience coaching NGO workers through significant life transitions and in financial partner team development, grossing $200K +/ year combined.

I find life in helping you unearth the architecture of your soul to discover what really drives you.  From there, you will be able to develop an inner life teeming with vision and knowledge which will guide you through transitions, towards greater growth, and into a clearer awareness of intrapersonal complexities that once held you back. I believe strengths coaching will catapult you toward the fullness of your potential and empower you to pursue your dreams with excellence and precision. 

I lead with the following Signature Themes:  Intellection. Learner. Restorative. Empathy. Individualization. 

Hazen stevens

I'm Hazen Stevens, a full time missionary and ministry executive with a metro Atlanta missions organization centered around night and day worship and prayer with outreaches from local neighborhoods to the nations.  My passions in ministry are intercession and evangelism and I love to eat good food and go on family adventures!

I Graduated with a BBA in Consulting and Venture Management from Emory University's Goizueta Business School, with a co-major in environmental studies. I have also completed Coaching Missions International’s “Missions Coach Training” 2015-2017 logging over 200 hours of transformational leadership coaching. 

My wife Hannah and I have three beautiful daughters: Amarin (5), Chesed (2), and Pearl (1), with a fourth baby boy on the way. I am an Alumni of CMI an international coaching organization, and can testify that coaching has radically transformed my life.

Sarah siders

Hello! My name is Sarah and my 15 years of experience combines my work as a therapist (Licensed Master Social Worker with a degree in Clinical Social Work from Washburn University) with my training in life coaching through Robbins Madanes Training, along with education in life consulting and spiritual breakthrough counseling. For over 15 years, I’ve been providing coaching, consultation and counseling to college students, professional adults, and parents and families in a variety of settings.

A few areas where I typically provide personal or relational counseling and coaching are:

  • Holistic maternal health (relational, emotional, spiritual)

  • Partner relationship changes, especially following the birth of children

  • Life transition seasons (new relationships, roles or careers, etc.)

  • Developing personal mission and calling

  • Getting unstuck in personal life, relationships or business

  • Defining and pursuing new career options and choices


Ashley Hebert

Hello! I'm Ashley, I serve on the ToluCoaches team as the Executive Assistant. I take care of admin and do a little bit of marketing as well. It's a pleasure to serve on a team that changes lives. I can say this from experience because I've been coached by multiple members on the ToluCoaches team. 

Our team won't shy away from challenging you to achieve your goals!