Why I Needed a Life Coach

Why I Needed a Life Coach

Proverbs 9:9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.”

are you stagnant in life?

As a young teenager, I was often praised for being “wise for my age” by my peers and by young adults around me. I gave the best advice and helped others make wise decisions. Yet as I grew in age, I realized my words of wisdom stopped being marveled at and it became expected advice from someone my age. It was not that what I said no longer made sense, but I had leveled with my peers and my mindset remained the same. It was almost as if I started repeating the same things and my words were the cliché phrases written on the internet that no longer reached the hearts and minds of others. Those points aside, I realized my lack of growth in my personal life.

grow and improve with a life coach

I was not growing, I was not improving, I was stagnant. I needed to get to my next level which required work that I wasn’t always sure how to access. No matter how wise you humbly (or not) feel you are, there is always a higher level you can access if you receive the right encouragement and instruction.

apply specific practice & strategy with a life coach

A life coach wears the many hats of being a counselor, supporter, advisor, and resource provider to anyone who wishes to achieve their next level. Life coaching is not about becoming the same person as your coach, it is about gaining the confidence and hope that by applying specific practices and changes to your routine, you can become a better version of you! A life coach is a helpful lifestyle enhancement that reminds me that even the wise need more wisdom, even the educated can increase in learning.

Ayo Oluwole