Using Text Messages to Complete Your Goals

Using Text Messages to Complete Your Goals

As a life coach, I look for every way possible to encourage and inspire my clients to complete their goals. Each client is different and motivated differently so I sometimes have to get creative in the questions that I ask and the methods I use to assist them in accomplishing. Earlier this year I decided to come up with a handful of creative ways to empower my coaching community (60 Days of Laser Focus) to complete their goals and it came to me...texting. 

Texting and messaging is how we as millennials communicate. It's quick, non-committal to a conversation and leaves a trace. Which is exactly what I want! It's all about a focused and non-burdening visual representation of what my clients said they would do. 

Here's what I asked them to do: 

1. Text someone who will benefit when you complete your goal. When we can get our eyes off of just ourselves we can see that the completion of goals have affects on others. Do you have family, friends or employees that will benefit from your diligence? Text them what you're working on and let them feel the love! Tell them how you plan on the completion of this goal affecting them and even how they can encourage you. 

2. Text someone who will ask you about your goal. We all need someone to keep us accountable. Accountability (when done correctly) is the fire that keeps our entrepreneurial spirit burning! Who will ask you if you're doing what you said you're going to do? Who will ask you if you hit your milestones? Who will remind you of the importance of your goals? Text that person. 

3. Text someone whom you would enjoy talking about your goal with. Verbal processing is something that we all need to do. Even introverts. As an introvert, I don't need to talk it through all the time I just need someone who will listen and engage my heart and mind once my thoughts are settled. However, don't just text anyone, text someone you enjoy, who is full of wisdom and integrity. Reach out to that person who has insight or skills that you do not possess. It's so valuable to receive a vantage point you're not usually privy to. 

All in all, get others involved. We go further when we go together. Invite the appropriate people into your journey of accomplishment and reap the benefits of their motivation, accountability and expertise. You can do "this", whatever "this" is and you'll do it better, with others. 

Text me.

Tolu Akande