Rachel's Testimony

Rachel's Testimony


When I decided to hire Tolu as my life coach I was in the middle of deciding on a move to a different state and doing school. I had great ideas and dreams in my heart but didn’t know how to take the steps to make them become reality for me.  I have always been a dreamer, but many times I let fear of failure or the feelings of inadequacy hold me back from pursuing the dreams in my heart.  



Hiring Tolu changed all of that for me. He led me through exercises to determine what goals and steps needed to take priority in my transition, he helped me define my goals and put them into play, and last but not least kept me accountable to what I said I was going to do. It has been such an amazing and encouraging experience having Tolu as my life coach.



Now, thanks to Tolu’s life coaching, I am meeting my goals and taking the steps to accomplish the dreams in my heart. Do yourself a favor and get a life coach to help you do those things you always said you would do!!

Rachel R.