What is a life coach?

What is a life coach?

As a life coach, the most frequent question I get is, "What is a life coach?" If you've ever thought that, I'm here to explain, briefly and succinctly what I do. Before I go into bullet points, here's a creative way I like to explain it. 

Counselors look back. Psychiatrists diagnose. Psychologists analyze. Mentors give input. Life coaches unearth desires and help accomplish goals.


Life coaches aren't for everyone, they are for those who desire to move forward in life but need help to find in which direction. Coaches are also for anyone who wants to do what they've always said they would or complete the unfinished. Life coaching is for those who have done as much as they can but are still not where they've dreamt they would be.



1. Life coaches like myself, ask the right questions to bring clarity to dreams, goals and ideas that need strategy or polishing. We don't give directives or make choices for you. We simply create the atmosphere where you can clearly see the solutions to your questions and the breakthrough to hit your goals!

2. In seasons of our lives when we are in transition, need to make a big decision, or get out of a rut and make a huge change, we need someone trustworthy, on the outside. 

3. Life coaches bring a unique accountability by being invited in every encounter with a client to ask, "Did you do what you said you would?" There's so much power when the directive or action step comes from self. Now as a life coach, all I have to do is remind you of what you determined was important. This is such a great asset and driving force. 

4. Life coaches empower you to consider the right resources (people, places and things) in order to create a strategy enjoyable action plan to complete each goal. At the end of every session you will have something practical to do that gets you closer to doing what you've always said you would. 



This may be true. Life Coaches aren't for everyone. Life coaching is only for those who realize that they need the help to move forward, make a change or realize a dream. However, before you let pride get the best of you, ask yourself, "Why have I yet to do what I've always said I would?" You should also ask yourself, "Have I come as far as I can by myself?" Those that can answer these questions honestly may come to find that they need a life coach. Nine times out of ten, they do. 



Please let me help. My team and I have a specific set of skills that can help you accomplish what is important to you. Here's how we'll do it: 

  • We create a visual of how you feel in each life facet
  • Highlight and explore the part of life you want to win at first
  • Create a plan for breakthrough, impact and success
  • Celebrate the completion of the SMART Goal that you've targeted

It's all about results. We will get you from point A to point B, with strategy and purpose. From what you've read, do you want a life coach? If so, please fill out the form below. 

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