Blind-Spots in Self Regard


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one of the top professionalism and leadership assessments in the nation, and self regard is the first of fifteen skills that Emotional Intelligence measures. Often times, clients overlook it because it triggers memories of long-repressed self-conscious thoughts— the plight of middle-schoolers.  However, the way we view ourselves strongly determines the way we understand the world around us.

High & Low Risks

Every Emotional Intelligence skill has both high and low risks. Low self regard puts professionals at risk for lacking self respect and having low confidence. While these may seem irrelevant to an unobservant employer or unconcerned individual, these small difficulties will leak into everything. Professionals’ productivity won’t reach its potential because they don’t like themselves and have no confidence in their abilities.  

Work relationships may become strained because these professionals need constant affirmation and cannot sustain critiques. The high risks are not typically considered but equally dangerous. High self regard risks include disregarding feedback and denying the need for growth.  These professionals won’t improve long term, or possibly at all, when confronted to do better because they are convinced they are already at their best.


BLind spots

Even we as coaches, can have blind-spots in self regard. To those struggling with low self regard, celebrate your achievements and actively prevent your mind from comparison.  To those struggling with high self regard, ask for feedback from people who you respect and who will be honest with you. Then monitor others’ reactions around you. If they are responding as an inferior person would, you may be coming across as superior. Try to empower them to speak their minds around you. As you develop your self regard, you will find yourself functioning confidently and fulfilled with a strong sense of self.

Author: Savannah Ugan is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach committed to increasing leadership abilities and professional skills through self awareness and development strategies.  For a discounted rate, email with the code: ToluCoaches.