Are You Stuck? Try Changing Your Hat

As a Life and Leadership Coach, I often work with clients on how their perspective impacts their results. Yes, how you think can and does determine your results. When my clients are stuck, I ask them this question,

“Which hat are you wearing right now?”

Two Hats.jpeg

Judgment Hat or Curiosity Hat

The Judgment Hat is the one we don when we think we know it all. While wearing this hat, we’re typically judging the situation or person as good or bad, right or wrong, worthy or unworthy. Donning the Judgment leads to limited choices, and

Limited Choices = Limited Opportunities


To get unstuck and achieve the results you seek

The Curiosity Hat, on the other hand, opens you up to the possibility that there are things yet to be known about a person or situation – things that could shed new light and open up opportunities.

How do you know if you’re wearing the Curiosity Hat?

Simple. You’re asking questions – of yourself and others. Questions that often begin with “I wonder . . .”

·        I wonder what’s really going on?

·        I wonder what contributed to that outcome?

·        I wonder what would happen if . . .?

So which hat will you wear the next time you find yourself stuck?  You can’t wear them both!


Author: Gayle Ely is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach, Speaker and Facilitator dedicated to helping people lead themselves and others with passion and intent. For a complimentary strategy session, contact Gayle at