Random Tips from a Coach

Purposefully Random Coaching Tips for Business Professionals

At times, different things will hit me. A revelation from a coaching session, podcast, conversation or presentation. In those moments I try to write down the most meaningful one or two sentences. Simple truth that can be helpful with everyday life…here are 5 that I think you’ll benefit from.

1. Self care is important. It’s not selfishness. It’s investing in self so that you can give your best “self” to yourself, your work and those around you.

2. Be an active listener. Make conscious efforts to listen for understanding instead of response.

3. Small bite size chunks are the best ways to achieve goals, most times.

4 Still keep most emails short, sweet and to the point. Include the appropriate parties.

5. Ask for feedback often. It’s better for you to confront your challenges than to be confronted with them.

What tips do you live by?